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Things You Should Consider when Moving into a Managerial Position

Make new and maintain existing positive working relationships with the staff you will be managing and working alongside. Ensure you know them individually and what their responsibilities are. It is important that this is dealt with in the very first stages of the new role.

When leaving your current position should make sure this is done smoothly. Complete all your outstanding tasks and pass over all aspects of the job to the newcomer leaving nothing unsure or uncertain. This will highlight the standards and be good for your own reputation.

From the outset show trust in your staff, as this will have a positive effect on them individually.

Lead by example as this will help teach your employees the ways of working and they will respect you as a person.

Corporate culture can prove to be a huge issue and hard work for many. Try not to get involved in changing the structures, ethos or procedures too quickly – settle in first and get to know your surroundings before making any drastic or flippant changes.

Being fair to everyone you are managing and consistency means you will gain respect quickly. You do not want to look like you favour certain individuals particularly if they are friends.

It is always important for individuals to receive feedback and advice so you need to find mentors or new peers who are able to help you in this way.

Finally, now you are managing people you may be working longer hours and become more involved in your job. Make sure you maintain a social life and look after your wellbeing ensuring you have a healthy work/life balance.