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Tips to Prepare and Settle In Your New Accounting Job

Before you even turn up on your first day for your new accounting job, you need to research as much information as you can about the company and the role you will be doing. Find the information online, via booklets/literature or call up the company to speak to someone. Try to find out what the company expects you to wear so that you turn up on your first day looking smart and professional and not different to everyone else.

Once you have started the accounting job you can then prepare yourself gradually. Introduce yourself to everyone; work out who people are and how you and your role relate to them. Identify the various communication channels that are already established and fit into what the norm is e.g. if your boss emails you about important things, then email him back rather than calling him.

As a newcomer you need to work out what your job role is, what boundaries you have and what your benchmarks are that you must work to. Make sure your role is clearly outlined to avoid any confusion. Find out what your manager expects of you as well as others you work with. Understand your responsibilities and the resources you have to work with. Ask as many questions as you like in these initial stages in order to clear up any issues you may have.

On a final note, always remember to be positive. Do not criticise people straight away, complain or overly talk about your last job. Do not slag off people you used to work with or those you have just met either. You want to make a good first impression that will impress your new colleagues and managers. By taking these helpful pointers into consideration you should find it easy to settle in nicely to your new accounting job.